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Property Fund

Investment objective

To provide capital growth linked to the value of commercial property and to provide a high and growing yield.

Investment parameters

Property Income Trust for Charities100%

Dealing purchases

On first working day of month


Quarterly on first working day of calendar quarter

For an information pack, please contact Christophe Borysiewicz, Head of Investment Management.

Risk Warning

The CFB Property Fund is not suitable for investors who might wish to realise their investment at short notice. Units can only be sold on the first working day of each calendar quarter and in extreme circumstances the illiquid nature of the underlying property assets of the Fund may result in unit redemptions being suspended for unspecified periods.

Investors should be aware that the Property Income Trust for Charities, in which the CFB Property Fund invests, is permitted to borrow up to a maximum of 50% loan to value and that the gearing effect of such borrowing significantly increases the risks of investing in the Fund. In adverse conditions capital losses and reductions in income payable to unitholders will be greater than for similar investments held through non-geared funds.